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It’s all about You. We will definitely gear you up with strong establishing of learning, mentality and great skills to empower you to be secure, dependable, proactive and defensive driver on the main road. The quest for safe driving and quality enjoying experience are the clear-cut objectives at the highest point and we make customized programs for you as we work together  in reaching your dreamed licence and a crash free driver for life through organization’s proven expertise and innovation.

About Us

We Look After You …

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Your certified school instructors have many years of driving background in Canada. They are exceedingly qualified and approved under BC Motor Vehicle Act that provide defensive and practical in-car instruction in British Columbia for Class 5/7 drivers.
At RoadQuest, we comprehend that every individual is distinct and will absolutely address you with patience and regard.​​ More to that, the total commitment to safety and quality coaching are our top rank in school, along these lines make your driving course information-giving, pleasant and rewarding at a sound endeavor.
And at the heart of our business, passion continues to drive us forward. Today, the RoadQuest Driving Academy name has grown to have an uncompromising quality and outstanding service in the areas and communities of Chilliwack, Agassiz, Abbotsford and Hope.

Our Instructors

We Are Student Friendly…

Charlz has the zest to teach, sharing thoughts, interests and with witty sense of humor. He is outgoing and adventurous. Charlz likes camping and sports. Basketball and Chess are his favorite activities. Showing you to drive with confidence will make you relax in his presence.
Cel is enthusiastic, dynamic and cool to be with. He loves to play table tennis, billiards, watching basketball and hockey games. His fatherly distinct style will expand your driving quality with ease and fashion.