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“I would like to give a huge thank you to RoadQuest Driving Academy. Your skills and patience are appreciated with us nervous drivers. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone wanting driver training. My primary instructor Charlz Sebastian was such a great teacher with great knowledge of the ICBC regulations”

– Joyce Cook


“Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift. Thank you Lord for the new grace, new favor, new prosperity, and new blessing coming on my life.”

– Grace G.


“Thanks for helping me get my license. The lessons were informative and my teacher was very patient. I am now very happy and confident to be on the road.”

– Jofer C.


“I contacted Charlie from RoadQuest Driving Academy only few days before my Class 5 Roadtest and I am grateful he was able to accommodate lessons at such short notice!
Celso is a wonderful person. Very good interaction that makes you feel comfortable on and off the road. Lessons were clear, concise and to the point. The best thing I felt was his temperament. Helps a lot to calm your nerves down if you’re a new driver, which comes handy before your test.
I would highly recommend going through RoadQuest Driving Academy 🙂



What a good feeling to have my N license! Thank you RoadQuest.

Hayley D.


Got my Class 5 license. I learned a lot from RoadQuest on a very short time. I will always bring the skills when driving to be a safer driver.

-Leonard D.


I got my N license first time with RoadQuest. I can’t explain how this great experience for having one, it’s more than words. Thanks.

Ahmad K.


Thanks RoadQuest we got the Class 5 license!

Milos M.


I was able to pass my driving test with ease thanks to Cel. He is a very good instructor. If you want to be a good, safe driver and ace the road test, Cel is the guy. I highly recommend him.



I highly recommend this driving school to everyone. They have great instructors and my instructor Cel was great he taught a lot and  improve my driving skills
Amna Q.
My thank you to Charlz of RoadQuest. Passed to Class 5 licence.
Got my N today, thank God and thank God for RoadQuest! My instructor, Oslec was patient and knowledgeable about the most common mistakes why people fail, so we diligently worked on those. He started me on good and safe driving habits which I will always remember. Thanks again,  Oslec. I will spread the word around, for sure! 🙂
-Mary V.
Thank you Lord for the N licence. I can drive my family from now on. I can keep my promises to the work of the church because I got this dreamed licence. Yahoo!
Liezel C.
Nothing so sweet to have this N licence indeed! Thanks to RQ.  🙂
Trav R.
This school is amazing. The instructor showed up with a lesson plan and broke me of my bad habits. I passed the N licence due to him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend this company.
Ashley Reid
Excellent teacher! Help me out lots. N licence dream with me now.  🙂
Thank you so much Cel. You are awesome. We wouldn’t have done it without you for my son’s N licence. I will recommend your school to my friends!
Dr. Momen  🙂
Yeah… I am soooo soooo happy today. I got my New licence because of RoadQuest Driving Academy. Thank you so much Cel for your patience and RQ is a great teacher…
Thank you RoadQuest for bringing out the best of me. I got the N licence and your training was wonderful.
Dayna E.


“Thanks for the guidance and encouragement Celso and to RoadQuest. We did it!”

– Jigs S.


“Thank you RoadQuest got my N license.”

– Christina G.


I got my Class 5 license.! Thanks so much to RoadQuest. Great experience with them!

-Kevin K.


Very happy I can fulfill my dream by having my Class 5 license now. Thanks to RoadQuest for this great experience

– John P.


I could not explain how I feel. Yahoo.. got my Class 5 license and RoadQuest helped me do it. Thanks to Celso and Charlz.



Thank you RoadQuest for my great experience here in Hope. I got the N license.

-Jayjay L.


Thank you RoadQuest Driving Academy for the help! To Oslec and Bro. Charlz cheers!

-Karen T


Thank you RoadQuest Driving Academy  for all the corrections made on my bad habits in driving. Encouragements were good to overcome fear on the road. Got my N license and worth to have you on my journey.

Elanie S.


Thanks RoadQuest and great to have the N license through your help.

Hannah D.


Thanks all to you Cel and RoadQuest. I got  my N license!

Shawn M.

A big thank you to Charlz from Road Quest Driving for helping my friend Belal get his drivers license. He was very patient and easy to understand. His emphasis was always on safe driving, not just passing the test. I highly recommend this company!
Laura Hames
Thank you Cel  🙂  lesson really helped me. Passed my road test today.
Thanks so much to RoadQuest. You never know how much I appreciate it. Got my N licence.
-Adam M.
The teacher Mr. Cel is very good…nice,  friendly and professional.. I passed class 5…thanks a lot…
Eric Z.
They are straightforward and awesome school. Corrected a lot on my driving habits on a brief period.
Still have adrenaline feel. Thanks I got the N licence today. Freedom at last. I can buy groceries and use it everywhere. 🙂
Zoey C.
RoadQuest teaching is so different from other schools. It was clear, precise and full of energy. I learned a lot and improved my good driving habits for an hour before my road test. This school is for you.
The instructor Cel was amazing, very friendly and knowledgeable about the road and he is very professional and I would not got my N licence without him today 🙂
RoadQuest made me ready for the test which I passed with only one error! Cel taught me all the necessary driving skills  and helped me become more confident behind the wheel.
I thought it was a good father/son bonding experience to teach my son driving lessons. First day out, first ten minutes, move over son, I’m getting a professional driving school to teach you. My boy (Riley) got his N licence on his birthday first time through. Thanks Cel for saving our father/son relationship and the prevention of many inevitable swear words.  🙂
I did an excellent job today! Have my N licence! Thanks to RQ.
Josh M.  🙂

Thanks God!!! I got my Class 5 license. Thanks to RoadQuest Driving Academy and especially to my instructor Cel for giving me the best driving lessons 🙂

– Osie M.


Such a great experience with RoadQuest! Helped me prepare for the coming test. Awesome!

Dayna E.


I got my Class 5 driver license. It was a wonderful experience with RoadQuest Driving Academy. I easily got my license and it was fun learning.

Ismail K.


Thank you RoadQuest Driving Academy to bro. Oslec and bro. Charlz. I got the N licence. 🙂

 – Jane


I will always bring the skills learned from RoadQuest whenever I drive. Felt good and safe.




I will definitely tell my friends of the wonderful experience with RoadQuest. Got the full licence. Thanks 🙂

Jonah C.



Thanks Celso and RoadQuest such amazing one to have you. Got the N license dreamed.

-Rai D.


I’m thankful to Charlz and Celso, my driving instructors. I got my class 5 license.



Very informative and detailed lessons from RoadQuest. Thank you.

-Andy K.


Such wonderful time to be in your driving school. Definitely superb.



Certainly enjoying my time and experience with RQ.

-Riley T.


Thanks Cel for your teaching. I appreciate it. I recommend RoadQuest Driving Academy as your first choice in driving at Fraser Valley, B.C. Thanks again.

Cat L.


A big thank you from Asher. Your services were friendly, professional and assisted him greatly in learning how to drive in a new country. He passed his class 5 today all thanks to you RoadQuest!!
Amy-Jo Myton
Thanks to RoadQuest. Feels good to have my N licence. 
-Priscilla George
Thanks so much to RoadQuest for all the knowledge shared on my driving. Have my N licence. 
It’s great. Had fun. Thanks for everything. N licence for me.  🙂
I did it. I got my Class 5 licence. Thanks so much Cel. I never had this experience when I had my learning in Abbotsfford. RoadQuest has superb way of teaching. I am highly satisfied.
I would like to say thank you so much for helping me last minute with my class 5. Amazing company, I highly recommend them for anyone who needs a highly professional coach. Rated this company 10 out of 10.
Jerry Whiskey 🙂
 A big big thanks to the best instructor 🙂  I can’t do it without you 🙂  🙂
I passed the Class 5 licence today. Amazing experience. I will definitely share RoadQuest to others.  🙂
Thanks for your help Cel. I will see you around. We got the N licence!  🙂
Josh D.
I will let my other children prepare with RoadQuest on the grounds that  Seir my daughter got the N licence with their stunning lessons.
I got it yehey the N licence that everybody is dreaming about. Much thanks  to RoadQuest! Applied what I learned.
Chris S.
I was advised by my better half Sunny who got his licence  to be prepared just with RoadQuest in Chilliwack coz they truly  know the correct way of managing  students and they do it best. I was content with the experience, result and planning for my  Class 5 test.
Anjali (Surrey)
Thank you again RoadQuest Driving Academy for your continued excellent service and quality driving lessons and helped my dearest friends and family obtain their licences (Ismail, Riley and Robert). You demonstrated success in helping learners and learners with language barrier get their N and Class 5 licences with my highest recommendations!Curtis T.  🙂
I ended up passing my N licence today! Thanks so much for helping me RoadQuest. Your lesson was extremely helpful.  🙂
Nav  S.
I got my Class 5 licence and perfectly performed  lessons learned from the Academy on my road test. Many thanks to RoadQuest! I will have my wife trained with them soon.
Mike A.
I experience how RoadQuest teach their lessons differently from other schools. Got N licence today, I am still shaking with joy. Yepeee!  🙂
Robert C.
Congratulations Travis so proud of you 🙂 and thanks Cel for all your  help. I will for sure use RoadQuest for my daughter as well. Thank you.
Kirsten A.
Great driving school. I would recommend to anyone looking to learn and be a safe highly skilled driver.
John Brown
A big thank you to Cel for driving me through for 2 hours around Chilliwack getting to know the roads and signs. It has helped me get my Class 5 licence the following day for my driving test. Cel is very patient instructor and most of all friendly. I strongly recommend RoadQuest Driving Academy for your training. 🙂
Michael S.
RoadQuest by far the best driving academy! My first lesson, I was very nervous and not confident on my driving skills whatsoever. With only 3 lessons I passed my N test today! Cel is an awesome teacher and made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel! I wouldn’t have been able to pass today without his help! Thanks so much.  🙂
-Alyssa T.
Thank you RoadQuest the best instructor ever!
-Edith T.  🙂
Awesome! Got my full licence. Guided their students in every step until they succeed. Highly recommended driving school!  🙂
Fedel T.
I would like to thank God for giving me strength, presence of mind and guidance all throughout my road test. Also I would not be bringing home the bacon and clean sheet of paper without the help of RoadQuest Driving Academy. My driving  instructor Cel helped me to become a safe and defensive driver. He gave me all the support, encouragement and advice I needed. Received my N licence! Highly recommended!  🙂
Jez T. 
It was an amazing experience! They gave many very useful tips and are very friendly and amazing low rates! I recommend all my friends and families to call and book with RoadQuest Driving thanks 🙂
Cory R.
I am so happy got my Class 5 licence with RoadQuest. It was a great help!  🙂
… still on cloud nine! 🙂 Thank you Sir Cel and Vikki for all your patience and encouragement. I would not have done it without you guys. Again, thank you soooo much for helping me get my N.
-Diane C.
“Thank you Lizel you referred me to Cel. He is pretty good.”
– Dianne
Thank you RoadQuest I passed my Class 5 road test.”
Sabine K.
I booked a couple of appointments with Vikki of RoadQuest for yesterday and today in preparation for my N test and I would just like to say thanks to you Charlz and Vikki. She was exceptional teacher and I’m sure I passed my test because of her. 
My wife just got her N with the help of RoadQuest. Great, patient and dedicated instructors. I highly recommend them to anyone needing help with training and driving exam.
Noel Bryan 🙂

I’m so excited that I have the N licence! Thanks so much for all the lessons with RoadQuest!
-Avery G.
Thanks so much Lord God for helping me conquer one of my greatest fear! To ate Gabrielle George  thank you for teaching me diligently and for being patient. To my RoadQuest Driving Academy teachers Cel and Vikki thank you! And last but not the least to my tamby Noel for always pushing me and believing that I can do it! 🙂
-Jezel G.
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